Selecting a seat on the flights & special meals?

I like a seat on the aisle when flying. I get up frequently on a flight and it is very inconvenient for my row mates to have to stand  up every 45 minutes or so just to accomodate me. So, I checked United’s website to see if I could select a seat. (You can just click on the links below and go directly there.) I found that I could not choose a seat due to the ticketing agency we used. I will contact EF to see if we can get our United Mileage Plus numbers added to our itineraries.

If you haven’t already got a Mileage Plus account I recommend you get one.

(BTW, is EF aware of any special meal requirements you have? Let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure those are included on your itinerary.)

Here is what United Airlines has to say on the subject of seating:

To select seats after you?ve purchased tickets,

*log in to My Itineraries using your Mileage Plus number

*select View/modify for the itinerary you wish to change.

*Click Seat assignment to change your existing seat assignment.

* Click the seat you prefer,

*then click Next flight or Close seat map. Your new seat assignment will be saved.

You may also select your seats on United or United Express throughEasyCheck-in Online.

EasyCheck-in Online is available within 24 hours of your outbound flight.

If you forgot to select your seat when purchasing tickets through another website or travel agency

* please contact your booking source directly to have them add your Mileage Plus number to your reservation;

*you will then be able to use My itineraries to view your seat assignments or make changes if seats are available.

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