Here’s the scoop on getting around the ‘contact the booking agency’ rule

United has our flights from LAX to London Heathrow and returning from Dulles to LAX. The other flights are operated by Lufthansa.

To request special seating or special meals on United call:

Reservations 800/864-8331

Give them the reservation number, the flight number, your full name as listed on your itinerary. (Please note you may have a different reservation number on the return flight. I don’t think this matters.)

VERY important information after the extra legroom bit. Keep reading.

If you require extra leg room you want Economy Plus. That will cost you $109. I don’t know if that covers both flights or just one. Ask.

The other flights on our trip are with Lufthansa.  Any special meals or seating must go through them.

WHILE YOU ARE ON THE PHONE WITH UNITED tell them you want to request special seating/meal/whatever from Lufthansa.

They should give you a different  reservation number for the Lufthansa portion of your trip.

Lufthansa’s phone number is: 800-645-3880.

Lufthansa was able to change my seat and my meal for the Frankfurt to Dulles flight. They can do nothing for the european leg of the journey. But those flights are short anyway.

GOOD LUCK with your special requests!

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