Important date coming up

Hello, Fellow Travelers (thanks, Sonja),

An important date related to our trip is coming up: February 20, 2010. BY THEN:

+All participants must be signed up.

+VERY IMPORTANT: They must have your name as it appears on your passport ASAP. The name on your tickets must match the name on your passport.(Name changes after that will incur a $100.00 fee)

+EF must be informed of any special travel plans  such as -go ahead and -stay behind plans.

+If you have any special dietary needs (I am vegetarian so I need to let them know about that)

+If you are not on the automatic payment plan you must be all paid up by February 20.

If you are staying behind DO NOT make any flight or train reservations yet. Our dates have not been finalized yet. We should have that taken care of by the 3rd week of March.

Have a good weekend!

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