coffee in Italy

While we are in Italy you may want to order coffee from a (coffee) bar since Italian coffee is soooo very good.

Italians will drink capuchino (yum)  in the morning. But not in the afternoon. Café macchiato is different than Starbuck’s drink of the same name. Café macchiato is spotted coffee, just a splash of milk in the coffee. Also, Italians stand at the bar and have a quick pick-me-up of espresso in a thimble sized glass, chased with a glass of water –  again – quick.

From my experience you can order coffee from the bar  OR you can sit at a table and be waited on. If you go to the bar you the coffee may be less expensive than if you sit at a table to order. BUT you cannot order coffee at the bar and then look for a seat.

The protocol at one bar we went into was go to the cashier, order the coffee, pay the cashier, get a ticket, hand the ticket to the barista,  stand at the bar and drink your coffee – quickly.

So, be sure to watch the locals.

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