Get in Shape

START WALKING: We are 6 months away from our trip and it is time to get into shape. A tour in Italy requires a whole lot of walking. If you start to get into shape NOW then in June climbing the 7 hills of Rome will be a cake-walk. Actually we will not climb all 7 of the hills of Rome but you take my meaning.

preliminary packing advice for our trip

#1 packing


I was going to compile a packing list and give some packing tips for our trip this summer but then I checked Rick Steves’s site.It is all there for you so why reinvent the packing list?

I will say is that I have used compression bags bought from Target: Embark brand. I find that they work well.
Also, silk underwear is a bit too hot for the summer in Italy.
I would get a bag that can be unzipped for more room. You will be bringing back souvenirs and will need the space. I think I would also bring a lightweight totally collapsible bag (nylon?). That way, if you check your bag on the return you will have this bag to use as a carry-on for important stuff.

I usually only pack a carry-on bag and the size limits seem to be shrinking. As RS says the size limitations will vary from airline to airline and airport to airport. Just this December a carry-on bag that was acceptable with British Air had to be checked with Ryan Air. AND since I had not paid for a checked bag when I made the reservation I had to pay twice the fee at the gate – going and returning. Once we know what our airline is (March) we can check the sizes for sure.

Rick recommends wearing a money belt (he sells his own design).
I carry an Ameribag (can be bought at the luggage store on Stockdale or at Guarantee Shoes downtown.) It is worn crosswise and the bag is infront of your body. The strap is well coordinated with the bag that is almost impossible for someone to cut. You keep your important stuff in a zippered pocket that is next to your body. It has lots of dedicated pockets inside as well as a pocket for your water bottle. This bag leaves you hands free and worry free since everything is right there in front of you. I don’t know if they come for left handers.
Strangely enough on the web site the images show the bag worn over the shoulder and on the back….

I don’t know about you but I am excited!