Joining the circus – selling all

For some reason I am unable to upload the photos to the website.

Honda Harmony Tiller/Cultivator model FG100: 9 inch tilling width new in 2001. Still works beautifully (1 gallon gas container and manual included). $25.00 obo

Traditional Mosaic tools and glass tesserae (cubes) in a variety of colors.

Steel hammer and chisel for marble $25.00 

Widia (carbide) tipped steel hammer and steel chisel for glass $50.00 

Venetian manufactured glass tesserae – variety of colors $15.00 obo


Decorative metal cage. I think you’re supposed to put it over a plant???    $5.00 obo

Battery operated winter characters. Music, movement. $5.00 for both

Fans $5.00 each obo

Portable swamp cooler Free

Metal trash can $2.00 obo

Dragon shadow puppet, hand made in China of leather $5.00 obo

Chinese Birdcage


There are a number of phrases used to let you know you’re getting the best deal when negotiating: best price, friend price, first (or maybe it was morning) price. At any rate morning price was low because it is important to make a sale as early in the morning as possible since that would portend a good day of sales. This dusty bird cage is small, maybe 10 x 6 inches. Perhaps for a small finch? Best price: $3.00